MCW Studio Assistants

Tim Bell

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I started working in clay in 2000 with Bernie Felch at the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE.   In July of 2003 I moved to Troy, continuing with classes at the Arts Center of the Capital District primarily with Colleen O’Sullivan.  Within a year I was an assisting Colleen and recycling clay for the Arts Center.   Soon after that I got  a studio above North East Ceramic Supply in their previous building.   Partly from what I look like after throwing and partly from fire tending for sweat lodges at Spirit Hollow, I sign my pottery “Plays in the Mud”.   As a member of the Empty Bowls Committee I’ve handled donations from supporting organizations and currently organize the volunteers.  And now I continue my journey in clay with MonroeClay Works.

Mariah Pierson

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” I began working with clay when I was around 18 during my time taking classes at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL. I took a couple hand building classes taught by Matthew Shaffer, and fell completely in love with clay and how easy sculpting came to me. Sculpting animals are what I have found to be the most enjoyable. In 2014, I moved to Troy, NY with my boyfriend to pursue our schooling at a University. I then found out about Monroe ClayWorks! Thanks to Barbara and Dennis, I am now their studio assistant, and have finally been about to dabble in pottery making. It’s challenging, but so rewarding.  ”


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