FINAL CLAY SALE:  Thurs., Nov 14, 10am-5pm

FINAL SALE!! Northeast Ceramic Supply has extra clay for sale.

Thursday, November 14
Time: 10 am -5 pm

Here is a list of clays available:


Thursday, Nov 14, 10 am – 5 pm

Clearance Prices

15 boxes #10         $15.00 each
22 boxes #10G.     $15.00 each
10 boxes #10T.      $15.00 each
8 boxes #20.          $15.00 each
4 boxes #20G.       $15.00 each
71 boxes #50.        $20.00 each
4 boxes #55.          $20.00 each
10 boxes #60.       $20.00 each
22 boxes #66.       $20.00 each
15 boxes #70.        $20.00 each
2 boxes #75.          $20.00 each
8 boxes #BMix5.  $20.00 each
9 boxes #510.        $20.00 each
54 boxes #550.     $25.00 each
5 boxes #570.        $25.00 each
27 boxes #565.     $20.00 each
17 boxes #590.     $20.00 each
18 boxes #910.      $20.00 each
16 box Schottman $20.00 each

22 boxes Slip.         $7.00 each

All 50lb bags of minerals are $8 and small bagged minerals are $1. 

We’re sad, we’ll miss you. Thank you for being our friends!

NECS/MCW              518-274-2722
Barbara Reeley        518-669-5296

Turn MCW into a Potters’ Collaborative!

Dear Potters,
Our mighty transition group of hard working potters has been meeting weekly to make sure we maintain our community and continue with our studio plans. We think everyone will be as excited as we are with the results.

1. We found a great studio space!  You may have heard that the landlord of  10 Monroe St. did not want to let us rent the studio space. That was a bit of a set-back! But when one door closes another opens and we are excited to tell you we have found a perfect property at 406b 9th Street, Watervliet. It is a 10-minute drive from our current space.  It is a clean warehouse space with more square footage but at the same cost we were hoping to pay at 10 Monroe.  Our new landlord will be installing not one but TWO sinks (yay!) and the kilns will have separate space from the open studio area. The electricity is more than ample. there is storage space besides. There were many of us inspecting and we all felt this was a great relocation spot.

 2. The financial plans are coming together! With the high level of interest in studio membership, we will have our monthly costs covered. The buy-in cost of the Monroe Clay Works inventory of  equipment remains a work in progress, however we have several plans in discussion including the possibility of a GoFundMe page. Some of you expressed an interest in helping with this upfront cost as an investor, and we may indeed need this;we will be breaking this down shortly, so those still interested in this can decide their level of participation. Stay tuned for this information; we should have it available in the next week or two. Details about the cost/benefits of full and associate members are nearly ready for press as well. 

 3. Organization is shaping up! We are establishing an LLC (limited liability corporation) to protect all members from personal liability. We will have liability insurance, a security system, and ownership of the equipment and supplies. Our planning group is outlining committees that members will be able to join for studio operations, membership, finances. We will be organizing the move to the new space as well and will welcome everyone’s help.

 Finally, now that we have a location and the other details are coming together, we can get the information on membership and costs within the next 2 weeks. Our group has been meeting every week, on Wednesdays at 5:30, to keep moving this forward. We welcome your continued input and questions, so please feel free to email them to us at this time.

Replies and questions can be addressed to Elizabeth Donovan at edonovan5@nycap.rr.comor
(518) 577-3891.

See more info by clicking the link below! 

Potters CO-OP Info Link





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